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Animal Audio Tours at the
Little Compton Historical Society

Fellow Brown students Kenna Libes, Molly Pailet and I researched, wrote, produced and installed six separate call-in audio tours interpreting the Collections Barn at the Little Compton Historical Society in Rhode Island. To complement the Little Compton Historical Society's current special exhibition, Little Compton: A Changing Landscape, we devised and developed audio tours that allow visitors to explore Little Compton's histories of agriculture, landscape, and transportation through the eyes of six different animals: a horse, a cow, a dog, a mouse, a fish, and an owl. Each animal tells visitors about 4-6 different objects in the permanent collection in a playful and engaging manner appropriate for learners of all ages. We also created written pamphlets with the tour information so that our content can be accessible to all.

To hear the audio tours, simply call (401) 214-6926. You can take the tours at the Little Compton Historical Society, or listen anywhere on your own!

These audio tours were developed as part of Prof. Steven Lubar's Spring 2019 Brown University History Curatorship course, and were generously funded by the Little Compton Historical Society and Brown University's John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

Photos by Molly Pailet and Julia Renaud.